Some Symptoms to Look Out for In the Case of a Freon Leak

Some Symptoms to Look Out for In the Case of a Freon Leak

Whether your thermostat is set at an optimal temperature, your room is still hot. This is because the refrigerant in your AC keeps leaking through some hole or crack in your refrigerant component. It may take substantial time for your home to cool down. This also indicates that the cooling power has decreased where your refrigerant component is subjected to some compromise as well.

  1. The evaporator coil is well frozen.

An apparent red flag of a Freon leak is the frozen evaporator coils. The purpose of the refrigerant in your AC system is to offer adequate heat to this coil which keeps away the freezing issues. If you are suspecting a Freon leak, inspect the exterior AC unit. You will find the evaporator coil which leads directly to your home. If you find the coil cold and the frost is visible, your refrigerant may be leaking. Turn your AC off entirely. This will provide enough time for the coil to thaw before a professional air conditioning repair company inspects your AC system. You can also consider investing in some portable fans. It is advised to inspect the evaporator coil twice a month. It will only take a few minutes of your time and you won’t require any extensive knowledge of your AC system or training to know what’s wrong.

  1. Your energy bills are skyrocketing.

Sometimes you can simply suspect a Freon leak without inspecting your AC system. You will want to dig more deeply in your monthly energy bills. Are the energy costs increasing every month? If you are paying more than you actually should, and cannot figure the reason why, this is because your AC has low levels of the refrigerant cooler. As aforementioned, low Freon content is tantamount to longer wait times when it comes to your home reaching a comfortable temperature on your thermostat. In other words, this process uses more energy which leads to higher energy bills. It is a good practice to keep a track of your energy bills throughout the year. If they get out of control, inspect your HVAC systems for leaks pronto.

  1. There are some hissing sounds from the indoor unit

Besides the visual inspection, you will also want to look after any sound inspection as well. Your AC unit shouldn’t be making loud noises inside your home. If it occurs, something like a gargling sound, chances are, there is a leak in your AC component where the refrigerant is leaking. When inspecting for any sounds, ensure that your house is relatively quietened. Turn your TV off, put up your pets, and tell your family to stay silent until you are done with the auditory inspection. If you find any sound, mark off where you heard it and it will further assist your air conditioner repair professional to fix the lark. They will notice the markers and will come up with a solution in a jiffy.

When to get in touch with an AC repair company?

These leaks might not seem major to you, but they can skyrocket your energy bills and give out hot air in the heat when it’s like hell outside. Hence, you should call the company immediately to look after the issue.