Learn the Differences between Bing Ad Scripts and Google Scripts

Learn the Differences between Bing Ad Scripts and Google Scripts

Did you know scripts are available to everyone on Bing ads and its official now! Scripts use JavaScript coding and are considered to be a powerful tool to make changes to your paid search account. Even though they are automated, they can do everything that you do manually.

Now, it’s time to learn the difference between Bing ads scripts and Google ads scripts.

Bing ads scripts and Google ads scripts are JavaScript based routines and can make changes to paid search account as mentioned earlier. They can read from and write to external data sources such as Google sheets, databases, website APIs and more.

Functionality Differences

One of the main differences between Bing ads scripts and Google ads scripts is the functionality covered by scripts API. The functionalities covered by Bing script release are managing and updating campaigns, creating a groups, ads, and keywords, bid management, budget management, offering performance data for campaigns, ad groups, keywords, multi-account access, URL fetch service and more.

This feature allows Albuquerque SEO to turn on or off your ad campaigns, bid adjustment, monitor account performance, and more. The initial release of scripts for Bing ads is not in 100% parity with the Google scripts. Their scripts API provides additional access to some key functional areas such as accessing shared folders, writing additional sheets, customizing email alerts and more.

‘Find and Replace’ Function

With Bing ads scripts, you don’t have to replace editor interface of Google ads specific symbols with the appropriate Bing ads names. A squiggly line is used to represent any feature in the Google Ads Script API that isn’t supported. To find out what is new with the release, the experts of SEO Albuquerque suggest you to learn about the following:

  • Reference Overview for scripts classes and documentation
  • Entity hierarchy and limits and guides
  • The updated release notes for the Scripts API

The URLFetchApp work

The Bing ads scripts include additional functionality, such as spreadsheet support to allow you to include third party data into scripts. The URLFetchApp enables the script to retrieve information from across the web and allow you to include third party data as an existing part of the script. This feature can be used to send e-mail alert notifications and pull in weather information to use the weather based bid optimization script to boost bids based on specific weather conditions. This can also be used to adjust bids that are uploaded to a shared file.

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