Leadpages Vs Clickfunnels: Compare And Choose

Leadpages Vs Clickfunnels: Compare And Choose

With the ever increasing growth of the online world, the desire to grab customers is getting even more competitive. While marketers are employing every possible method to attract prospects, winning targeted customers is not that easy. You ought to have a solution that will automate your marketing campaigns and deliver quick results as desired. This is where tools such as leadpages as well as clickfunnels come in handy to resolve your worries. All you should do is compare leadpages vs clickfunnels in view of your marketing tenure to pick the best one.

Overview of leadpages

It is a wonderful landing page builder that helps to capture leads. However, there are many such tools online. So what makes this application stand apart from others? Well, leadpages will get you leads through various ways.

First of all, the tool comes with pre-built landing page templates to choose from. Once you select a template and make some changes, you are all set to capture leads through a highly optimized and compelling lead page. As well as capturing leads through your website, leadpages lets you win leads through text messages and emails.

Also, you can do A/B testing of landing pages before choosing the right one. This will enhance your chances of getting more and more leads in a lot less time. Using leadpages is not at all difficult. With the simple drag and drop option, you can start making appealing landing pages within no time. Since you get targeted leads through leadpages, the chances of getting conversions are pretty high.

Most importantly, you don’t have to invest too much to use this effective landing page building solution. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses as well as marketers with a tight budget. However, leadpages does not provide advanced features that you may need at an advanced level of marketing.

Overview of clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a tool that helps to build landing pages as well as funnels for your venture. It is an advanced application aimed at meeting most of your marketing needs. You can get leads, make sales, host a membership site and do lots more through this handy marketing tool.

While leadpages only captures leads, clickfunnels channelizes those leads through various funnels to have sales and do related marketing chores. For example, you can have a different funnel for growing your email list. Also, you may want to have a funnel for sign-ups for a webinar. Additionally, you would want to convert those leads into sales.

All these goals can be easily achieved through clickfunnels. In fact, clickfunnels is an extensive marketing solution. The best thing is you don’t need to have separate hosting to manage your funnels. The software includes free hosting along with the package. Before choosing funnels or landing pages, you can do A/B testing of pages to choose high performance pages that will yield better and faster results.

However, this comprehensive marketing solution is a bit pricey. Marketers with a tight budget as well as small businesses may not find this tool handy due to its high price. Still, the software is the preferred choice of established businesses as well as advanced marketers who want to take their business to a new level.

Final words

Choosing the right marketing tool is paramount to the success of your online endeavor. While both clickfunnels and leadpages are effective in what they do, you ought to make the right selection by comparing leadpages and clickfunnels to match your marketing needs. Leadpages is perfect for newbie marketers and small businesses for getting leads. Clickfunnels, on the other side, is a comprehensive solution for established marketers who are looking for an advanced marketing tool.