How much of an Expatriate Needs to understand about Home Possession in Singapore

How much of an Expatriate Needs to understand about Home Possession in Singapore

Singapore is really a multi-racial island city that welcomes people from other countries. In addition, the nation’s political stability, low crime rate, high quality and lack of disasters together make Singapore a perfect workplace and investment haven for people from other countries. Thus, they might contemplate purchasing a house for investment or owner-occupation. However, because of the limited land in Singapore, the federal government needs to impose some rules to limit foreigner’s purchase of house. This information will outline some rules surrounding foreign home possession in the united states.

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD)

Since 8 December 2011, people from other countries who wish to get a house here needs to pay an additiona1 buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD) around the greater from the total purchase cost or market valuation. The ABSD rate continues to be revised from 10% to fifteenPercent from 12 The month of january 2013.

Formerly, people from other countries just pay a Buyer’s Stamp Duty, around the greater from the total purchase cost or market valuation, of

1% on first $180,000

2% on next $180,000

3% for that remainder

However, citizens and PRs (Permanent Residents) of the couple of countries which have signed free trade contracts (FTAs) with Singapore are exempted from ABSD. They are

Nationals and Permanent Residents of:-





Nationals of:-


Additionally, married people which have a Singapore citizen can also enjoy a complete or partial decrease in ABSD for his or her first property purchase. Refund of ABSD can also be feasible for the 2nd property purchase when the first rentals are discarded within 6 several weeks in the purchase date.

To offset the price of ABSD, some developers offer a rebates from the ABSD.

Housing types


While about 80% of Singapore’s population dwells in public places housing, or what’s generally referred to as HDB (Housing Development Board) flats. People from other countries aren’t qualified to buy this group of housing because these are subsidied flats. The best applies for those who have a Singapore citizen spouse. Under HDB’s Non-Citizen Spouse Plan, a SC-Foreigner couple can purchase a HDB flat in the resale market.


Single people from other countries or people from other countries with non-Singapore citizen spouse get their choices restricted to strata-entitled private residential qualities only. With this type of property, they are able to purchase non-arrived ones with no special application. However, if your foreigner really wants to acquire all of the apartments inside a building or all of the units within an approved condominium development, he or she must first have the approval from the Minister for Law.


Arrived qualities come under the purview from the Restricted House Act. People from other countries obtaining detached house, semi-detached house, terrace house, including linked house or townhouse need to obtain prior approval in the Minister for Law. And also the land part of the property can’t be greater than 1,393.5 sq metres (15,000 sq foot). The applying process typically takes 6 days and it is exposed to approval.

Sales from the arrived rentals are permitted once the absolute minimum occupation duration of 3 years.

Arrived: Sentosa Cove

Since August 2004, Singapore relaxed its foreign possession rules to permit people from other countries to buy arrived qualities on Sentosa Cove by having an express procedure for a couple of days. Applications need to be created using the Land Dealings Unit. Further there’s no minimum occupation period.

If the arrived house is on Sentosa Cove or elsewhere, it should be owner-occupied (ie. No renting out) and also the foreign owner is just permitted to possess one restricted house at anyone amount of time in Singapore.

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