Don’t Ignore these Factors when Choosing a PCB Fabricator and Assembler

Don’t Ignore these Factors when Choosing a PCB Fabricator and Assembler

Electronic product development should involve paying attention to details ensuring quality is compromised. While choosing a vendor, skimping on quality is a no-no. It is imperative to look for a printed circuit board (PBC) fabrication and assembly vendors that will meet your requirements and specifications while helping you reduce the cost. In terms of saving on cost while maintaining quality, you have to look for a cost-efficient supplier. Here are the things to look for in a cost-efficient PCB fabricator and assembler:

Vertically-Integrated Facility

When you choose a fabrication vendor, verify that every part of the process is completed within their own facility. Some vendors may make the PCBs on site but send the layers out for drilling and gluing. A number of vendors will outsource the bared boarding testing and lamination process. Just ensure that the vital processes must be carried out in their own facility for efficiency and quality control.

Optimized Component Costs

A good aluminum PCB assembly vendor uses economies of scale to optimize the cost of the components they will use. They can get good prices and a cost structure when purchasing components. A company that works with two or three customers may not be able to get good prices or any type of preferential treatment. Companies that get the most favor from suppliers are those with leverage.

Adequate Test Capabilities

PCB assembly companies must have the capability to test circuits. They must carry out some type of point-to-point testing and correct any problems before they deliver the final products. An electrical testing and the automatic optical inspection must be performed. It is important for them to assure that the printed circuit boards are functionally fine.

MRP or ERP Systems

The Material requirements planning (MRP) or Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system will keep track of the orders received and shipped out. Also, they can monitor the materials through the processes involved. In case there are processes that are not woven together, gaps will take place. No matter the source of software, the system must be comprehensive and fully functional.

Vendor, Designer and Assembler Coordination

The creation of printed circuit boards involves plenty of discussions between the board designer, fabricator, and assembler. They should talk about the board design, layout, and test points. Anything that will happen in between these processes can make the final product inefficient. Thus, the processes will have to be redone. Ensure you choose a PCB supplier and designer who clearly understand this.

Remembering these tips can help ease the process of choosing a PCB fabricator and assembler. They can help you avoid any quality issues and save money down the road. When looking for a PCM manufacture, you can use the internet to get as many options as possible. Other factors that you should take into account include the expertise and experience of the company. Whether you are looking for a LED or aluminum core PCB, the right provider should have been operating for many years already. Also, they should get many positive reviews from their current and previous customers. Choosing the right company requires doing your homework.