An HR Guide to What Employer Branding Means

An HR Guide to What Employer Branding Means

One of the big gulfs between the companies with the edge and ones losing them is employer branding. Studying you’re better to compete with the better talents will help you realise the one thing that they got right is employer branding. The age of the industrial revolution with the masses looking to work with anybody is long gone. Today employees scrutinize the job applications as any other decision. Social spaces like glass door or any social media platforms provide reviews and scoops on the company so, its time you update your recruiting departments with enough firepower to make sure candidates see what they like. This is where a carefully planned branding strategy becomes critical, The HR’s can always try the methods to planning an exceptional plan with the marketing team or you can always list help from an HR marketing specialist and here we have tried to create a guide to help you track some easily overlooked spots.

Over looked Steps to building your employer brand

Career Site

Revamping your age-old careers page to carefully planned website where everything your candidates see from copies and job titles reflects well on your brand. Highlighting the right parts of your EVP is almost inevitable and make sure they are better or unique from your closest competitor. Another top tip that many professional forget to make sure your websites are mobile friendly as well.

Application Experience.

The top candidate that fits your culture and holds your required skill set isn’t always short on opportunities in today’s job market and isn’t willing to churn through complex forms that take 3 to 4 hours to fill while the expected time for the same is often less an hour.

Hence it’s always important to take your time to trim the forms to the necessary details. Trying out your application forms for yourself before they are published on your site is always an efficient exercise.

Employee Advocacy.

Candidates always seek current or ex-employees as a window into the true nature of the organisation. Hence, it’s never been so important to hold employee satisfaction that now.

Carefully placed strategies to sharing their own story and experiences in any form in the company’s tags across platforms and your own websites are one of the most effective strategies in building your employer brand. These are some of the easily overlooked spaces while building your employer brand.