Why Rotation Molding a Dependable Process

Why Rotation Molding a Dependable Process

Rotation molding is a method used for creating highly-customizable and durable cases. It allows the construction of double walls and guarantees uniform wall fitness. Fibertech covers different kinds of rotational molding. Below are the major benefits of this molding process:

Optimal Durability

Cases that are molded in a rotational motion are free of stress and capable of withstanding impact force as well as environmental and chemical attacks. Because of this, rotational molding is the perfect process to make cases for both commercial and military use. There are many factors that contribute to the molded parts’ superior strength. These include its resistance to corrosion and durable plastics.

Reduced Lead Time

When using rotational molding, lead times are decreased. After approving a design, it is possible to make cases in weeks. Also, this process has value-added features like double walls, intricate contours, form-fitted inserts and threaded tank necks. The process makes it possible to integrate multiple case parts into one quickly. Lastly, it can be done using a range of materials for more customization.


Rotational molding features great speed and integration ability which make it an affordable option to manufacture high-quality products. Bigger products can be molded rotationally at a lower cost than products made using other structural plastic processes. As the company saves money, they will be able to provide their quality products at very reasonable prices.


A range of colors is available with rotational molding. Because of the solidness of color throughout the piece, it remains aesthetically great. The method provides the option to include a color logo on the molded piece, thus, the logo can’t peel away.


Rotational molding plastic removes sharp corners and burrs, leading to the creation of seamless products. Because of this, operators are at a reduced risk for injuries. As the process allows more control over the design, it can make more economic parts.

One-Part Construction

Generally, parts with more components may break down more easily than those with fewer parts.  The use of plastics allows for the formation of one part, instead of bolting or welding together different metal pieces, leading to greater durability.

Consistent Thickness of the Wall

Traditionally, metal components are expected to have weak corners. With b low or injection molding, it is not easy to achieve full consistency in wall thickness. However, with Rotational molding, the constant rotation allows for even coating of the surface using polyethylene.