Website Design Company’s Tips: 8 Reasons WordPress Is The Best CMS Platform

Website Design Company’s Tips: 8 Reasons WordPress Is The Best CMS Platform

Content is all the rage for businesses nowadays. Value-adding content helps establish your brand by building your niche authority. Keep in mind that aside from storytelling and excellent data-backed content, the ease of consumption and presentation on your website design and a reliable, stable content management system (CMS) platform.

WordPress is the primary choice of many businesses and publishers worldwide. True enough, the CMS is convenient because it makes editing, organizing, adding, and updating quick and easy. It also has a host of add-ons that enhance its usability.

An excellent website design company, Singapore or anywhere in the world, will recommend WordPress because it is not just cost-efficient but also offers the following:

Easy One-Click Installation

A website design company Singapore or the world over, who chooses to create the theme for your website from scratch will often work on the product and features offline. They would then upload the files to the server for the finished product. A PHP programmer makes sure the design and its features concur with the program architecture of the host.

In short, it takes plenty of steps to install a traditional HTML website regardless of its capabilities.

However, WordPress CMS platforms are available in almost every hosting service nowadays. In fact, you won’t need any website design background. Just use the one-click installer, and you’re all set!

Search Engine-Ready (and Friendly!)

A professional web design company, Singapore or anywhere in Asia, need not even help you install your WordPress website’s design. ¬†After the one-click installation, you can choose a theme that you feel is resonant with your brand’s aesthetic appeal, such as your logo or typeface.

The dozens of free themes available are all search engine-ready. In addition, plugins such as Yoast can help improve your content SEO by performing pre-publishing checks that you can quickly resolved.

Paid themes are better optimized, making them better investment. Theme creators update the themes on a regular basis to ensure your website design complies with all new search engine requirements.


In addition to being SEO ready, all the themes are mobile-optimized. The CMS platform allows you, without the help of a good web design company, Singapore or the rest of the world, to rank higher in SEO . To avoid the “mobilegeddon” hitting websites that does not have a responsive small-screen oriented web design, WordPress is the platform especially if you’re about to begin your website.

If you have an older website and wish to move your content to a WordPress-powered site, you are making the right choice. A professional e-commerce web design, Singapore-targeted or otherwise, WordPress can also migrate efficiently.

Oustanding Security

WordPress’ code is clean and every loophole in conditional statements MySQL databases protect as long as it is updated on a regular basis. Aside from your database protection, the site’s overall security updates address issues. In addition, free and paid WordPress plugins improve your security by adding layers of authorization and steps to access the innermost areas of your content.

Many experts on best web design, Singapore or the world over, often mention WordPress as an excellent and secure way to publish content online.

Tools Ensure Maximum Productivity and Process Optimization

The CMS platform’s expanse of free and paid plugins improve its usefulness. For example, TablePress can create an MS Excel spreadsheet UI and allow you to arrange your site’s data displays. A reputable web design company, Singapore or the world over, has used this efficiently in every design.

CoSchedule is a WordPress plugin that helps you manage your site’s workflow, collaboration between developers, and improve your website by tracking every minimal activity on your website.

There are over hundreds of plugins that can improve your WordPress’ capability to publish, improve its web design, and improve its content management capabilities.

Multiple Media Type Support

On WordPress, you can host audio, video, and image files aside from text-based blogs and content. If you feel your brand can help audiences understand more through video or a podcast, you can upload them conveniently into your WordPress-powered website. However, an excellent web design company, Singapore or the world over, will tell you to use certain formats because of bandwidth restrictions.

The CMS platform embeds content from YouTube and other sources that have iFrames and embed formats for their sources to save your site’s bandwidth. Third-party audio hosting sites with embeddable players WordPress can also incorporate in every blog post or main website page.

A Supportive and Helpful Community

Any web design company, Singapore or the world over, knows the power of a good technical community. Their members are willing to pore over your CMS issue and provide possible solutions. In most cases, they are helpful. They can even highlight the issue you encountered as a “landmark issue” and create a dedicated guide to help anyone experiencing a similar problem.

Fully Customizable and Flexible

A web design company, Singapore or international-based, knows the power of websites rely on their customizability. Even individuals who do not know a single shred of code can create a WordPress website to their liking. The platform’s themes, coding, and backend properties are all customizable with intuitive menus that new and experienced users can just click and improve.

While a professional web design agency, Singapore or the world over, may make the CMS platform’s flexibility apparent and easy, anyone can make a basic website that can give them what they need from SEO to content management.


A good web design company, Singapore or all over the world, knows that WordPress is a cost-effective CMS platform for novice, amateur, and professional designers. Today, it powers 30% of the world’s websites, a testament to its powerful capabilities and excellence for website development.