Running an E-commerce website? Learn how you can effectively advertise on Instagram by using Automation Tools

Running an E-commerce website? Learn how you can effectively advertise on Instagram by using Automation Tools

Instagram is the most happening app which is sure to have its own place in almost everyone’s phone these days. A younger cousin of Facebook, Instagram has shot to fame in a very short period of time. With no nonsense writeups, no lengthy phrases, Instagram is all about pictures and A LOT of it!

What makes Instagram a hotspot for advertising?

With almost 900 million users worldwide and with more than 75% of them falling in the teens to mid-twenties bracket, this social media giant is the best platform to reach your target audience especially if you are running an ecommerce website. Instagram gives you a chance for you to identify your customer base based on their usage trends and history and thereby work on the leads thus identified to develop a user-centric ad campaign.

How to effectively advertise on Instagram using automation tools:

  1. Set up a campaign

The first and the foremost thing before you start marketing yourself in any social media network is to set up your campaign in place. A campaign doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be elaborate or grand. A simple outline of what your brand is going to be about, how are you planning to reach your customers, how are you going to track customer data for you to arrive at the leads, are you going to go for paid promotions are few basic questions that you must ask yourself and be clear about, before you start your marketing automation in Instagram. Remember, anything well begun is half done. A good plan and a strategy always go a long way!

  1. Identify your target audience

A random ad plastered across all places is such a big turn off when it comes to marketing. If you are planning to use marketing automation tools to advertise yourself on Instagram, then the next step that you should be doing is to identify your target audience. For example, if you are a brand that provides maternity care and post-delivery supplies then it is best to identify and limit yourself to female audience within a specific age range. Use data analytics tool in marketing automation software to run a report and identify the target audience, after all that is the easiest and fail proof way.

  1. Set a schedule

 Automation all about making the job easy for you.  With scheduling options, you can make sure that the ad will re-run automatically after the stipulated time lapses. Also, you can customize the scheduling option in such a way that it the ad’s visibility is higher during certain times of the day, when you know the number of active users on Instagram at that slot of time are going to be higher. This way you can optimize on the money you spend on each ad. Also, you can make sure of the fact that the ads are run when people actually see them and not otherwise.

As a social platform with increasing number of users every single day, Instagram is the next big thing in terms of social media applications. When you try and advertise your ecommerce business on Instagram with marketing software, the main thing to be considered is to make sure that there are no text ads, as Instagram is strictly a visual platform. If you intend on adding a text or delivering a message through the ad, it is best that you put it out in a video format or even better if you can design an interactive ad campaign. One more advantage of using market automation software is that you can use demographic data to deliver ads to specific locations. After all it doesn’t make sense to display a Japanese ad in USA does it?

If you are a ecommerce business dealing with visually alluring products like food, cosmetics, new range of apparels and you are someone looking out to carve a niche for yourself in your forte then effective and strategic marketing with a good ad campaign, paired with a couple of good pictures will do the magic for you. After all people are on social media apps to unwind and relax. With millions of users surfing through their newsfeed at this given moment, go make your business stand out by using the market automation software out there. If your ad is relevant, funny, humane and appealing then what else is going to stop you from being a winner in your business?