How to Organize the Storage of Apparel?

How to Organize the Storage of Apparel?

If you can maintain a well-organized warehouse of your apparel goods then you can surely boost up your business. Any well-organized warehouse will always know how to get an item that their customer demands. The customer will be pleased when you get the product of their choice quickly and also you can complete the deal swiftly. This will make your sale faster and your salesmen are less fatigued while accessing the item and also your business will grow.

Organizing any large apparel store is not a very easy job. You have to create a very effective system that always works. Nowadays there are few companies that provide such warehouse management services too. You can visit the website  to know how these businesses really works.

Let us discuss here how such apparel store can be properly organized so that the business can be done in smooth and efficient manner.

  • Create a receiving section

There must be suitable way to receive the item and properly label them so that the item can be stored in any particular place and easily traced and identified as an when needed.

  • Use proper labels

As mentioned above, labelling of the item is very important. The label must contain information about the item name, quantity, color and size etc.

  • Consider photo label

Sometimes photo label is also very useful to identify any item that is stored inside the box. The staff will not be required to spend much time in opening the box as the image outside will guide them.

  • Make proper mapping of items

Warehouse must have proper mapping for each category of items. Either this should has be done in electronic method or with a paper record so that whenever the item is needed the store in-charge can immediately locate the item.

  • Stack the item properly

Proper stacking of item is also necessary so that it can be easily retrieved.

  • Store in logical manner

You must apply a proper logic while storing item either alphabetically or as per the usage or any other logic that is convenient.

  • Invest on shelving

There must be proper shelving place available so that item can be stored in such a manner that it remains in presentable condition.

  • Leave adequate space

There must be enough extra space available in the warehouse so that if any new additional stock is received in the store they can be easily accommodated.

  • Re-evaluate your options

Business needs are very dynamic and hence time to time you need to reevaluate your various options and implement necessary changes.