Enhance Your Formal Restaurant with Proper Linens

Enhance Your Formal Restaurant with Proper Linens

Formal restaurants need quite bit of linens to maintain a proper dining environment. Busy restaurants go through many napkins, cleaning rags, and tablecloths. Piles of these may accumulate in one evening, especially on the weekends. Fine dining is dependent on a reliable supplier of linens. There is not usually a washer and dryer on site at a restaurant. This means that a reliable supplier with laundry services is necessary. Take the time to learn about services that can help to make your business run smoothly on a daily basis.

Delivery and Pickup Schedule

Deliver and pickup are incredibly important to the daily routine of a restaurant. Table cloth hire is especially important for restaurants that offer a formal atmosphere.  It can be unpredictable when tablecloths need to be changed. There may be an entire night when only one is replaced, only to end up needing 15 extras on another. This means that the restaurant needs to be well stocked with linens at all times. Check with the company to make sure that delivery dates work with the schedule of your restaurant. Popular days for pickup are early in the work week, after a weekend of heavy linen use.


A quality service includes one that is open about their washing habits. People often wipe their mouths on cloth napkins. It is pertinent that you understand the sanitation process of the company you hire. You are responsible for the safety of your guests. A quality company sanitises, folds, and delivers on time.

The products should also be of high quality. When it comes to table linens, there should not be stains visible to dining guests. A reputable linen company throws out formal items if stains do not wash out.  Check the presentation of your tablecloths after the first use to make sure the company provides quality products.


When you hire linen services, you are hiring someone to loan items to your restaurant. The costs may vary, depending on what services you need and how much table linen you require on each visit. It is a good idea to overestimate this in the beginning. This gives you time to gauge your need without running out of various linens. These are not usually one-time services. You often must sign a contract for weekly or bi-weekly service. Costs may vary if you need to make changes to your existing order.

Quality table linen can add a classy touch to the dining experience. Many items, especially napkins, are used in a day. These may sit several days before they are picked up for laundry service. It is imperative that you hire a reputable service that uses proper sanitising techniques. This ensures that your guests stay healthy. You may also need to consider your pickup and delivery days. You may need to schedule an extra pickup after heavy use on the weekends. Costs are likely done in contract form or on a monthly basis. An organised relationship with a good linen provider can enhance your dining area.