Direct Messaging Is Your Personal Secretary

Direct Messaging Is Your Personal Secretary

A receptionist’s job should not be taken lightly and this certainly becomes apparent when this person leaves the office for an extended period of time. Direct message services provide a means for you to handle calls and enquiries around the clock without the added stress put on your already hard-working team.

Take Calls Any Time

One of the most frustrating things is coming to the office on a Monday morning and being inundated with missed calls. A direct messaging service can provide 24-hour service so you never deal with that scenario again. This is ideal for emergencies or when you go on holiday and can’t be there to answer the phone. These days, clients expect businesses to be on call any time, anywhere. Now you can finally meet those demands without bending over backwards. Direct messaging sets your office up with a service that can handle those emergency calls in the middle of the night or on weekends. They are also available for when an employee goes on leave or holiday.

This lessens the strain of being short one or more people and it lets your clients know that you value them as customers. They feel confident that they can call your business at any hour and get some kind of response. There will be no more situations that escalate and get out of control; forget about feeling unresponsive during an emergency.

Bypass Busy Phone Lines

No matter what industry you find yourself in, there seems to be a time when the phone lines go mad. It might be a certain time of day or a busy season sprinkled into the year but when it hits, things get muddled. It’s a lot of stress put onto your front-desk team, especially if that team consists of a single receptionist! Message-Direct is a telephone service that can handle an overflow of calls with ease, relieving secretaries of round-the-clock duties. Your employees get a fair amount of rest while your business continues to assist clients. It seems as if it would be the best of both worlds but it is possible.

This service allows you to choose when to divert calls to the direct messaging service. This could be on an as-needed basis or you could set specific timetables. Incoming calls no longer need to distract your assistant away from the task at hand. Plus, the telephone service will answer calls and direct clients in your company’s name so there isn’t any confusion about who’s dealing with their problem or enquiry.

Take and Send Messages

You and your team value the input of your customers yet you aren’t always available to take these messages and respond to them. This makes direct messaging a great solution and a breath of fresh air. The operators will handle any messages or calls that you divert to them, treating callers with respect and providing further information if needed. This frees up time for the receptionist to engage with each client in a patient manner, making them feel valued and taken care of. Appointments don’t get cut short, clients don’t feel jilted, and happy customers mean success for you!